Date & Place: 
2010, Oktober 22 - 28.
Quad Cinema, Greenwich Village,
34 West 13th Street, N.Y, N.Y. 10011

The general aim of the Himalayan Film Festival is to promote documentary cinema and to give credit to films or videos dealing with the Himalayan region in a wide sense of the term. The festival provides an opportunity for exchange of films and videos and for seeking ways for their broader use. The festival is meant to be a chance for authors, owners and distributors, but also for users to exchange their views at the screenings and following discussions, as well as at additional specialised events which may be an integral part of the festival.
Film and documentary makers who wish to have their movie or documentary viewed on The Himalaya Film Festival USA 2010 in should get in contact with:

Himalaya Archief Nederland
Dr G. K. Mitrasing
Hortensialaan 162
1702 KJ Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands
Fax: 00 31 72 5740492
If you do not receive any response it may due to a a virus on your attachment and get deleted.

1. The submission of films from all parts of the Himalayan region is encouraged.
2. The festival is organised by Himalaya Archief Nederland(Himalayan Archive Foundation-The Netherlands) and by other institutions as partners.
3. A Festival Organisation Committee will be appointed.
4. The Selection Committee decides which films and videos are accepted for entering the festival programme. Members of the Selection Committee will be nominated by the Festival Organisation Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of five persons.
5. If sufficient funding becomes available Himalaya Archief Nederland will provide accommodation and limited compensation of travel costs for filmmakers of selected films.
6. The preview copies will remain with the organising institutions as part of their research collection (for internal screening purposes only).

1. For the festival all films are eligible which are Himalayan film and documentaries in a wider sense.

2. Acceptable formats: 35 mm, Betacam-SP, Digital-Beta, HD, DV
3. There is no submission fee for entries.
4. Entries are to be submitted not later than September 1st 2010 (postmark).

5. Films and videos can be submitted by their producers, owners, distributors, directors and other organisations and responsible bodies.
6. All submissions must be accompanied by the following material:
- a preview-copy of the film on DVD or mini-DV;
- a transcript of the dialogues, subtitles or commentary in English, if the film is not in English;
- English synopsis (150 words);
In addition, three still photographs and any available press-clippings of interviews or reviews of the film are kindly requested.
7. Selected films will be shown in their original format. Only prints perfectly fit for projection will be accepted. Films should be shown in an English version.
8. Himalaya Archief Nederland as the organiser of the Himalayan Film Festival will take every reasonable care to protect the submitted films. In the event of loss or damage while on the Festival, Himalaya Archief will assume responsibility only for the replacement value of the print or the cassette. However, Himalaya Archief  will not be responsible for any loss or damage to films caused outside the festival.
9. Inscription for the festival implies full acceptance of the above regulations.

1. For the films submitted for selection, transport and insurance costs are to be paid entirely by the sender. This applies also to related expenses, in particular the fees of customs, transit agents for bringing the film in and out of the country, and the return shipping expenses of prints.
2. Shipment and insurance of the selected films and videos will be paid by the participant. All costs of return shipment will be paid by the festival organisation.